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Trial Consulting

Witness Simulation:
Your Ace in Depositions, Trial Prep, and Focus Groups

Been there, done that – over 1,200 times. When it comes to embodying witnesses, we’re not just playing roles; we’re bringing your case to life. Our expertise? Giving you the insider’s view on how a witness ticks – their feelings, thoughts, and how to effectively keep them in check.

Here’s how it works: You provide us with your case specifics and any crucial documents. Next, define the type of witness you need us to be – whether it’s the overconfident type, emotionally charged, or the one who dodges questions. We’ll step into those shoes, delivering a performance so real, you’ll forget it’s a simulation. Choose your battleground – in-person or via Zoom – tailored to suit your case’s needs.

What you gain is invaluable:

  • Hone in on the most persuasive facts.
  • Uncover the missing links that will solidify your case narrative.
  • Expose vulnerabilities in any witness – expert, lay, or law enforcement.
  • Prepare for the curveballs, even from the most challenging witnesses.

On the fence? Grab a free 30-minute consultation with zero obligations. Share your case with us, and we’ll show you exactly how our simulations can turn the tide in your favor.

Trial Consulting

Individual Attorney Coaching:
Oral Arguments, Opening Statements, and Motion Filings

Let’s sculpt a program tailored just for you! Our focus? Your specific goals. We’re not about generic advice; we’re about crafting a strategy that fits you like a glove.

Our individualized exercises are designed to build not just skills, but instinct:

  • Hone your active listening – hear not just the words, but the story behind them.
  • Maintain unshakable confidence – be the calm in the courtroom storm.
  • Forge a connection with your audience – it’s not just about speaking, it’s about engaging.
  • Discover your persuasive voice – because your message matters.
  • Expect intensive one-on-one feedback. It’s not just about getting it right; it’s about mastering the art of bouncing back when the unexpected hits.

Want to learn more? Grab a free 30-minute consultation with zero obligations. Share your goals with us, and we’ll show you exactly how we can mold our sessions to meet the intensity your trial prep demands.

Trial Consulting

Witness Preparation:
Mastering the Art of Testimony

Stepping into the witness box can be a high-wire act. The stress, the nerves – it’s a mix that can muddle even the most compelling testimony. Remember, it’s not just what is said, but how it’s said. The right words, the right tone – these are the linchpins of a successful case.

Our witness preparation aligns seamlessly with your legal strategy, whether it’s for a deposition, direct or cross-examination, or insurance interviews. We work under your guidance, complementing your approach and reinforcing the strength of your case.

Not sure how we can help? Grab a free 30-minute consultation with zero obligations. Share your case with us, and we’ll show you exactly how our expertise can provide support to your unique witness.

What are lawyers saying about our private sessions?

Olivia and Steve help us overcome the law school training.

Vince van der Hagen, Great Falls, MT

The interview went very well. It absolutely mirrored exactly what my client had practiced. He listened. He took his time. It was perfect.  It would not have happened without the repeated practices.

Mark Choate, Juneau, AK

Your channeling of the witness was nothing short of spectacular. Tone, demeanor, body language, etc.

Mike Watson, Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much! I feel so much better and know that I am so much better prepared thanks to our sessions!

Esperanza Anderson, Pasadena, CA