Trial Consulting Services

Contributing to our clients’ successes in the courtroom by providing consultation on cases leading to over $27 MILLION in verdicts since 2022.

Witness simulations for depos, trial prep and focus groups.

We’ve been cross-examined over 1,200 times. Acting as witnesses is our specialty. We’ll tell you what you always wanted to know about how you make a witness feel, what they’re thinking and ways to rein them in.

Supply us with the details of your case and any helpful documents. Then, tell us what type of witness you want to work with (cocky/emotional/evasive etc.), and we’ll play the part- realistically. Available in-person or zoom to fit the needs of your case.

  • Zone in on the most compelling facts.
  • Identify missing elements that solidify your narrative.
  • Find the weakness in an expert witness, lay witness, and law enforcement representative.
  • Prep for the unexpected- even with the most difficult witness.

Not sure if your case is a good fit?  Get a free 30-minute, no obligation, consultation. Tell us about your case and we’ll give you details about how we can help. 

Coaching for Oral Argument, Opening Statement or Filing a Motion.

We’ll design a program that addresses your specific goals. Including individualized exercises that build muscle memory to:

  • Actively listen.
  • Stay confident.
  • Connect with your audience.
  • Create strong narratives.
  • Find your compelling voice.

You’ll receive one on one feedback to become a more effective storyteller while practicing regaining your traction after the unexpected.

Via zoom. Focus and number of sessions based on your schedule or specific prep needed for trial. 

Witness Preparation

We know what it’s like to be a witness. It’s stressful and makes you anxious. As a result, it’s difficult to convey your truth clearly. Word choice and tone can make or break your case.

Give your lay witness the same tools an expert witness uses to authentically tell their story and stay on-message.

Witness prep is done under your supervision to support your strategy for deposition, direct, cross-examination and insurance interviews.

In-person or via zoom.

What are lawyers saying about our private sessions?

Olivia and Steve help us overcome the law school training.

Vince van der Hagen, Great Falls, MT

The interview went very well. It absolutely mirrored exactly what my client had practiced. He listened. He took his time. It was perfect.  It would not have happened without the repeated practices.

Mark Choate, Juneau, AK

Your channeling of the witness was nothing short of spectacular. Tone, demeanor, body language, etc.

Mike Watson, Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much! I feel so much better and know that I am so much better prepared thanks to our sessions!

Esperanza Anderson, Pasadena, CA

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