Lawyer’s Improv

In the courtroom, nothing is scripted.


Lawyer’s Improv Workshop

Stop second guessing yourself and take back the reins of your narrative, energy, and focus during client-consults, depos, directs and cross-examinations. Stay in control with game-changing tools for constructive cross to avoid conclusions, escape rabbit holes that confuse you and your fact-finders, and make EVERY witness YOUR witnessyup, even the shady expert they’ve got waiting for you.


Lawyer’s Improv Workout

Take control of your fear, the witness and your narrative- without breaking a sweat. The key to that? Consistent practice. This FUN, improv-based class will catapult your trial skills practice with customized exercises to make active listening and fact-driven narratives second nature. It’s the perfect way to get prepared for anything that comes your way in and out of the courtroom.

What are lawyers saying about our programs?

Great teaching method to tell your story in a memorable way.  Building the cross one fact at a time has the benefit of avoiding fights and getting agreements consistent with your case.

Robert P., Personal Injury Attorney | Scotts Bluff, NE

The instructors were excellent!!  They really do an incredible job of structuring the environment so that everyone feels safe and comfortable to take risks and expand their personal comfort zones.

Tony M., Personal Injury Attorney | Miami, FL

If I don’t have my chapters, I don’t have a net. Improv is helping me to perform without a net, comfortably.

Daniel M., Real Estate Attorney | San Diego, CA