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We’re career actors, directors and playwrights. Our specialty is creating engaging narratives that inspire an audience to take action.

Personal injury, family law and criminal defense attorneys. Because if you can be a better storyteller, you can become a better advocate for your clients. We want to help you increase the value of your case and leave a positive impact on your client’s life.

We’ve been cross-examined over 1,500 times by attorneys in 30 states, Canada, and the UK. That’s as much, if not more, than any expert witness out there. The difference? We’re on a mission to use our powers for good. After sharpening our skills as realistic witnesses in Roger Dodd’s Trial Skills Clinic and in our private work, we know what makes a witness tick. And we’re itching to pass our insider info on to you.

We’ve got the POV you’re missing- from your opposing witness to your audience. We’re not your typical trial consultants. And that’s a good thing. Why? As theater makers, we’re hyper focused on the story and how it resonates with an audience. Because let’s be real, without the audience’s buy-in, we don’t have a show- and without your fact-finders on board, you can’t win your case.

Giving a voice to the voiceless. And we know it fuels you too. We’re passionate about helping you represent Davids facing Goliath- sparking positive change in the legal community and the world.


Since 2022, we’ve consulted on cases resulting in over $38.1 MILLION in awards and a full acquittal– eliminating a 100-year prison sentence.

No matter where you are in your trial process, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Improv classes: Sharpen game-changing trial skills without the courtroom pressure.
  • Case-specific workshops: Bring your case and we’ll get you so well-prepped for trial your opposing counsel starts waffling (we’ve seen it happen!)
  • Trial consulting: If you need help crushing your opening statement, getting your not-so-easy-to-manage client ready for the stand, or finding the kryptonite that’ll take down an expert witness- we’ve got the expertise you need.

We’re here to serve you and your client. From intakes to closing arguments.

Honest feedback, expert advice, and a whole lot of cheering from the sidelines (from us AND our amazing community of attorneys).


We work with personal injury, family law, and criminal defense attorneys who are life-long learners that know consistent practice, discipline and the truth are the only way to get ahead.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re:

  • Starting your legal career
  • Tired of the grind and want to infuse joy back into to your work
  • Ready to master the art of turning every witness into an asset for your case
  • Struggling with writer’s block on your case narrative
  • Hungry for that legacy verdict

We’re NOT for you if you’re:

  • Looking for magic pill that solves everything without effort
  • Not interested in improving in your practice
  • Convinced you missed your calling and secretly want to be an actor

If you’re a lawyer who’s ready to make a difference in your client’s life- YOU’RE OUR CLIENT.


Find out which program is right for you and how we can help you get a leg up on your next trial. No strings attached. Seriously. 

Meet Steve Hohman

In my early theater career, I took a five-year detour working as a claims adjuster for an auto insurance company. The biggest challenge was serving upset customers. And because the company didn’t train us to deal with irate, emotional and combative people, (no shock there, right?) I was on my own to figure it out.

So, I started to listen in on the phone conversations the other adjusters were having. And here’s what I heard them do… argue their point until the customer either gave up or hung up. Now I gotta admit, I tried this tactic for a bit. But after seeing my blood pressure rise into the danger zone and the growing stack of unresolved claims on my desk, I knew this approach wasn’t sustainable.

Then I remembered two tools I learned in the theater- active listening and ‘yes, and’. They help take the focus off of you so you can be completely present with the other person in the scene. Or in this case, the customer on the phone.

And a huge shift happened. I was able to steer my customers towards productive outcomes. The pile of claims on my desk started to disappear and my customers went from combative to malleable.

Later, while working with Roger Dodd, co-author of Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, it clicked. He was using these same skills to sway opposing witnesses.

I’d been doing constructive cross and didn’t even know it!

Now, armed with these insights, I bring a unique perspective to my work with attorneys, empowering them with tools honed in my theater and real-world experience.

Meet Olivia Espinosa

For seven years, I taught playwriting in schools, including juvenile detention facilities, where many students had never experienced live theater. So, before diving into the writing, we kicked things off with professional actors performing scenes. Afterward, I’d ask the students, “What kept you listening?” And one response always stuck with me, “It made me forget that I was here.” ‘Here’… in a maximum security classroom!

That’s the power of storytelling. It transcends boundaries.

Whether you’re in a theater, a detention facility, or a jury box—the right story can whisk you away, captivate your attention, and move you to take action in ways you never expected. And that’s why I’m passionate about teaching the art of storytelling to attorneys.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a jury of 12 or one, their investment can make or break your case. When you immerse the fact-finder in your story, you give them the unshakable power of being part of the outcome.

Your ability to craft a compelling narrative is the most powerful tool you have in the courtroom. Now I want to be clear- I’m NOT talking about weaving a tall tale. The truth is strong enough. And if told in the right way, facts can engage, spark empathy, win hearts, minds AND verdicts. It can change lives.



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