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Becoming a better STORYTELLER starts with your OPENING STATEMENT.

Ever been accused of sounding robotic?

Breathe life into your script
becoming someone you’re not.

Acting for Trial Lawyers 100:

Writing your opening statement takes weeks of fine-tuning, but the real make or break moment? Delivering it in court. Nerves can zap the confidence and personality right out of you- making you sound robotic and, yes, boring. Plus, all those eyes sizing you up—judging not just your case, but your clothes, your hair, and that weird thing you just did with your hands. Whether you’re talking to a jury of twelve or one, the pressure to get it right for your client is the same.

Just reading words out loud? That’d be a breeze. But you’ve got to connect, convince, and compel them to take action—and your opening statement is your first shot at nailing it.

Who teaches
Acting for Trial Lawyers 100:

I’m Olivia Espinosa, a career actor, playwright, and director, fortunate to learn from industry icons like Golden Globe Winner Lily Gladstone, “Queen of Broadway” Idina Menzel and Tony Award-Winner Tina Landau.

Amplifying voices that need to be heard- on stage and in the courtroom, is my mission. Helping lawyers secure over $38.1 million and a full 100-year acquittal since 2022.

What you’ll get in Acting for Lawyers Trial 100, is based on my 30+ years of experience. I’ll share the techniques that make a difference, because when it comes down to it, your client’s future rests on how well you tell their story— and you are the most powerful tool you have in the courtroom.

What if you had a
foolproof method to…

Transform your opening statements from words on a page into a powerful, confident performance- just like the ones you’ve seen top attorneys deliver. Only instead of pretending to be like them, you could just tap into your innate talent as a storyteller.

Imagine getting the results you want with a reproducible formula that directly applies to your opening statement presentation. No more second-guessing your eye contact, tone or credibility. You’ll have the tried-and-true method at your fingertips, anytime you need.

And the best part? Put this plan into action and be fully prepared by next week—without rearranging a single appointment.

Acting For Trial Lawyers 100: On-Demand
The 5-day actor’s method for bringing a script to life,
without turning into someone you’re not.

What you’ll learn…

The step-by-step method a professional writer/director/actor would use to design and deliver a compelling opening statement. No cheesy gimmicks. Just real storytelling-based techniques you can use for every opening statement (and closing argument) you have for the rest of your career!

  • 1

    The #1 killer of credibility, and how to avoid it… it’s NOT what you think

  • 2

    Definitive 3-step formula to creating an honest and compelling performance without over-the-top drama

  • 3

    Easy to use techniques to make words on a page (even ones you didn’t write) sound natural

  • 4

    The process of applying these skills using a real-world example popular in the media

  • 5

    Actor’s top tricks to get out of your head and offload public-speaking jitters

What you’ll get…

  • 5 Video Lessons + A Bonus Video: All the tools you need to engage and inspire your fact-finders to take action by the end of your opening statement.

  • Advanced Trainings: Get access to advanced lessons with even more insider acting tools

  • Downloadable Prep Sheets: Get all the exercises you need to walk you through instantly transforming your real-life opening statement

  • Private Community Space: Your place to post questions, celebrate your successes, connect with other attorneys in the course and get exclusive offers for upcoming programs

  • Live Coaching and Discussions: Submit questions or get real-time feedback on an excerpt of your opening statement

  • Lifetime Access: Revisit and review the material over and over again- whenever you have to put together an opening statement- or closing argument

Acting for Trial Lawyers 100: On-Demand


Who We’ve Worked With

What if you could take your opening statements from
mediocre to OUTSTANDING? Robotic to CONFIDENT?

The Perks!

Time-Saving Techniques

Get so familiar with your script- memorizing becomes even easier. Never miss a chance to make contact and connect with your audience.

Editing Tools

This 5-day method can reveal any areas that need trimming or create rabbit holes for your listeners. No more snooze-fest presentations.

Acting for Trial Lawyers 100: On-Demand

The 5-day actor’s formula for presenting a natural, engaging and compelling opening statement without the tuition to Julliard.

Is Acting for Trial Lawyers 100: On-Demand right for me?

Acting for Trial Lawyers 100: On-Demand is NOT for you if…

  • You’re looking for a magic pill to win every case, every time.

  • You think the job of an actor is to lie.

  • You missed your calling and would rather be an actor.

BUT Acting for Trial Lawyers 100: On-Demand is perfect for you if…

  • You know that there’s no such thing as “winging it” in the courtroom.

  • You’re a truth seeking attorney that wants to make an honest connection with your fact-finders.

  • You’re ready to become a better storyteller and advocate for your client. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Satisfaction Guarantee2024-05-28T14:13:42-07:00

Acting for Trial Lawyers 100 comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! You can participate in the course for up to 2 full lessons (Day 1 & Day 2), if you do the work included and feel you didn’t get any value from the experience, please email with your completed coursework for Day 1 & Day 2 of Acting for Trial Lawyers 100 to receive a full refund.

Any additional questions or concerns? Email and we’ll be glad to help.

Is this course good for all types of attorneys?2024-05-28T14:09:52-07:00

Although we primarily work with plaintiff’s, family, and criminal defense trial lawyers, we believe this course will improve any lawyer’s ability to present an engaging narrative to their fact-finders. Our participants have spanned 30 states, Canada and the UK.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching?2024-05-28T14:08:33-07:00

Absolutely! After you’ve completed Acting for Trial Lawyers 100, the next step is the “on your feet” rehearsal process. We offer one-on-one coaching based on your unique schedule. See our products page for our private coaching options.

Will this work for Oral Arguments?2024-05-28T14:06:04-07:00

Yes! Although this class is geared towards prepping opening statements, you can use this method on oral arguments and closing statements. The tools you’ll gain are exactly the same and will apply to any narrative.

What if I practice law in another country? Will this work for me?2024-05-28T14:04:59-07:00

Absolutely! We’ve taught this course to attorneys in Canada and the UK. The techniques in this method will teach you how to present and engaging and emotionally connected narrative- no matter where you practice law.

Having issues with your purchase? Still not sure if this is for you? That’s OK! Contact us and we’ll answer any other questions you have.

Been burned by a verdict? TRY THIS.

Acting for Trial Lawyers 100: On-Demand

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