Case Specific Workshops

Opening Storytelling

Learn how to balance preparation and spontaneity

We’re career actors, directors and theater educators. Present 15 minutes of your upcoming opening statement or oral argument and we’ll help you maximize your performance.

Get insider tools to become a more effective storyteller and:

  • Build confidence in your unique voice (not trying to be someone you’re not).
  • Create a conversation with your listeners.
  • Keep pace, energy and interest.
  • Paint the picture for your fact-finders.
  • Find the right words that benefit your client.

In addition, you will receive constructive feedback from like-minded attorneys in a FUN and positive environment.

LIMTED to 6 participants

When: Saturday, February 11, 2023
Time: 8am-12pm (Pacific)/ 11am-3pm (Eastern)
Where: Remote via Zoom
Sessions: One, 4-hour session
Cost: $325


Get a leg up on your next depo or cross.

Supply us with the details of your case and any helpful documents. Then, tell us what type of witness you want to work with (cocky/emotional/evasive etc.), and we’ll play the part- realistically. Each week we’ll workshop a different participant’s depo or cross. They’ll offer you feedback, then you’ll watch them take a crack at your witness too. You’ll find new angles for narrative building and prep for your upcoming case all at the same time. The final week is dedicated to opening/closing presentation techniques. Plus, we’ll throw in some improv exercises to help you with trilogies and active listening for spontaneous loops.

Recommended prerequisite: 4-hour Lawyer’s Improv Workshop

When: Based on your schedule
Where: Remote via Zoom
Time: TBD
Includes: Five, 2.5 hour sessions
Cost: $900

Ready to spar? We’re actively forming small groups monthly.

Cancellation Policy: Once a participant is registered with payment, any cancellations made 30-10 days prior to the workshop date will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 10 days prior to the workshop. 

What are lawyers saying about our programs?

I’d recommend/promote this as a continuing exercise. Akin to acting classes. Like working out or you’d do regularly to stay in shape. Keeping your instrument/you finely tuned when it comes to trial practice too.

James Hugh Potts II, Atlanta, GA

The whole experience was eye-opening and awesome.  I learned a lot and found it helpful in addressing some of the limitations I have as a trial attorney.

Evynne Fair, Denver, CO

This training was a game changer. It helped get me out of my head overthinking everything and listening to what the witness was actually saying.

Ben Martinez, Waco, TX

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