Improvisational acting techniques are not just a tool for actors and comedians, but a tool for anyone who wants to unlock their creativity, enhance their active listening skills, develop a greater ability to effectively collaborate with others and to gain confidence when presenting in front of a crowd. While learning the fundamentals of improvisational acting, fun and active exercises and games are used to help its participants increase their creativity and ability to share their ideas. We all have these gifts locked inside of us, IMPROV is just the path to free your imagination, expression and active listening skills.


In the School-HAUS

Workshops and Residencies for Elementary to High School students.[/one-third-first]

In the Court-HAUS

Improv clinics to help attorneys develop heightened listening and communication skills that are essential to success in the courtroom.[/one-third]


Build Your HAUS

Team Building workshops for your company or organization.[/one-third]