It may seem a little odd to think that fun improv exercises can actually help strengthen your skills as an attorney. Yes, they can, and…

“It’s ok to lose to opponent. It’s never okay to lose to fear”
– Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid

Think of it like “The Miyagi-do” method of trial skills training. In the movie “The Karate Kid”, Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel LaRusso karate by having him perform a series of seemingly unrelated tasks like painting the fence, waxing cars etc. Although the chores appeared simple, they each had very specific rules. Then, when he finally put all the motions together, Daniel surprisingly performed karate moves with expert precision. All along these parallel movements like “wax on, wax off”, were conditioning his body and brain through muscle memory. So much so, that he no longer had to think about them and the moves became second nature each time he stepped onto the mat.

Similarly, our Lawyer’s Improv Workshop teaches the skills you need to be more effective in your work as a lawyer through fun exercises. Although they may seem simple and unrelated, they are purposeful, detailed lessons designed to secretly teach your brain to remember specific rules like building a narrative and active listening. 

Our workshop exercises are curated to directly apply to your work inside and outside the courtroom. Each exercise is conditioning you to not only understand the techniques, but to engrain these skills in your memory. Over time, especially in our 6-week workshop, the skills become more easily accessible and memorable so that they begin to become second nature each time you step into the courtroom. 

But is it serious?

Your work as a lawyer is serious but our improv workshops are taught in a fun, interactive and consequence free environment. This actually allows your brain to relax, which leads to learning and absorbing the skills much faster and retaining them for much longer- all the while building confidence and helping you navigate and manage the effects of fear.