“The Rehearsal” by Nathan Fielder is a show on HBO that is dedicated to helping people prepare for difficult conversations or life events. They simulate the environment and have actors play the people involved so that you can rehearse all possible outcomes. And hopefully, have a more successful result when the real-life event actually happens.

“It’s is like having a basketball hoop in your front yard.”
–  Russ G.,
Attorney, Santa Barbara, CA

There is no professional sport or performance that does not require you to rehearse first. Yet most attorneys don’t have a way to rehearse before performing in a trial. That’s right, you are a performer. And rehearsal isn’t just essential to working out the kinks, it’s a great way to boost your confidence. Cause, let’s face it, the unexpected can be a real mojo killer. But, what if you could limit the amount of unknowns?

Yes, we teach improv AND we never tell you to go out and perform unprepared. Preparation breeds spontaneity.

Practicing ahead of time helps you:

  1. Actively listen and stay nimble. (Because you’re not worried about what you’re going to say next. You’ve already practiced possible scenarios.)
  2. Manage the fear of performance. Been there, done that. No sweat.
  3. Memorize text so that you can focus on making it more engaging.
  4. Work out the problems or holes in your narrative.

Cross Rehearsal Room is your REHEARSAL. We play your witness, as realistically as possible, so that you can train for your upcoming cross-examination. You’ll also find new angles for building a stronger narrative while prepping for your upcoming case. As actors, theater makers and directors, we’ll also help you workshop an opening statement or closing argument by offering feedback and tips for keeping your audience engaged.

Check out the trailer for this HBO show to see WHY rehearsal works.