The short answer… “YES, AND”!

Taking an improv class can seem intimidating to some, layer that with a zoom environment, and it can seem even more daunting. It can also be exciting to challenge yourself in a supportive environment. And that is what translates whether you’re in the same room or in a zoom room.

Plus, you won’t have to sit in traffic, or even leave your home to join in the FUN.

While you practice “on your feet” improv exercises you can gain valuable tools to help you with active listening, building confidence and improving your constructive communication skills.

Here’s what participants have to say about the effectiveness of our remote improv workshops:

By being virtual, people from various places can participate together.  If I had to travel, I’d be unlikely to have participated.

Cheryl G., Boston, MA

Zoom works better than I would have thought prior to the pandemic. I feel the workshop is very beneficial via Zoom.

Russ G., Santa Barbara, CA

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the workshop flowed via Zoom.

Bryn K., Boston, MA

I think it may be more effective by Zoom – you definitely get more done.

Mark C., Juneau, AK

Better than in person, as people who are shy may feel more comfortable than in person.

Jenny Z., Los Angeles, CA

I enjoyed doing the program from my apartment and not having to spend the time and money traveling.

John S., Boston, MA

Still wondering if remote improv is right for you or your group?

All of our improv workshops are well-crafted and created to:

Build Confidence – All Haus of Improv classes provide a positive and supportive environment to take risks without fear of judgment. It’s the perfect place to pump up your confidence and trust your abilities. Guaranteed you’ve got great ideas, it’s just about accepting that when mistakes happen, you can recover from them.

Boost Creativity– Improv is all about coming up with new ideas on the spot. This helps you tap into your creativity and even surprise yourself with some of the spontaneous things you come up with. Aside from that, you can apply that creativity to your work and home life.

Improve Communication – Good communication is essential, no matter who you are or what you do for a living. Improv helps you practice listening, responding logically, and expressing yourself clearly.

Foster Collaboration– Improv helps you practice not only responding logically to other people’s ideas but it can help you build off of them in a constructive way. This promotes positive team work so that each person feels valued for their unique contribution.

Are you or your group ready to take a leap into the world of remote improv?