Attorneys are their client’s voice when they might not otherwise have one. They give voice to the voiceless.

As theater artists, we have the same mission. We’ve spent our careers teaching preschoolers, students in foster youth group homes and in the juvenile court system. We’ve seen first hand the difference it can make in someone’s life when their story is heard.

As lawyers, you take on this awesome responsibility for your clients in the courtroom. Their pursuit of justice depends on your ability to powerfully tell their story.  It’s the ultimate high-stakes drama.

“The ones who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.”
–  Oscar Romero

We use our work as educators and theater artists to further our reach and help attorneys become better advocates for their clients.

As a result, we’ve been cross-examined over 1,200 times by some of the world’s most prominent lawyers. Acting as witnesses is our specialty. We’ve played everything from expert neurologists to jilted lovers to highway patrol officers and social workers.

Witness simulations for focus groups, or private sessions will prepare you for the unexpected in depos and trial. We can help you tackle even the most difficult witness so that you can be the best advocate you can be for your client.

Check out our witness reel to see this work in action: