Frequently Asked Questions

Does improv for lawyers work?2020-12-14T12:57:48-08:00

Yes! And… Haus of Improv’s “Lawyer’s Improv Workshop” teaches the skills you need to be more effective in your work as a lawyer through fun exercises. Although they may seem simple and unrelated, they are purposeful, detailed lessons designed to secretly teach your brain to remember specific rules like building a narrative and active listening.

How can improvisational acting techniques help me?2023-03-08T15:44:48-08:00

The exercises used in our Improv Workshops have been specially curated to connect to the tools you need to be more effective communicator. Improv can give you more confidence in your abilities to react effectively and decisively, giving you the techniques to navigate difficult situations more comfortably by learning to embrace fear and thereby disarm its effects.

Do you offer CLE credit for your workshop?2021-09-18T11:16:24-07:00

We currently have approval from the Indiana Supreme Court to offer 4 MCLE credits for our introductory class, Lawyer’s Improv Workshop.  This information can be submitted to most state bar associations to petition for credit.


How can I pay for your Improv Workshops?2023-03-08T15:48:20-08:00

There are two ways to pay for our workshops.  You can use credit or debit cards via PayPal. We also accept Venmo @hausimprov please contact us for more details.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-12-16T12:07:50-08:00

Once a participant is registered with payment, any cancellations made 30-10 days prior to the workshop date will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 10 days prior to the workshop.

Do you offer Improv Workshops in person?2023-03-08T15:56:35-08:00

Yes! If you have a group you’d like us to work with, please contact Olivia@HausImprov.com for more information. We also have lots of offerings via Zoom.

Can I observe a class?2023-03-08T15:54:15-08:00

Due to our privacy policy for registered participants, we do not allow non-registered participants to observe or audit our improv workshops.

Does Haus of Improv provide private consultations?2020-11-11T13:57:20-08:00

If you are interested in private training or consultations, please contact us using this link.


Does Haus of Improv perform live shows?2020-11-11T13:57:02-08:00

Haus of Improv is primarily an arts-education company, introducing the techniques of improvisational acting to the classroom and for professional development.  However, we are able to provide live shows for private events through our theatre partners.  If you are interested in a live improv show for a private event, please contact us using this link.

Do you work with private groups?2020-11-11T13:55:19-08:00

Yes we do!  Our workshops work best with parties of 6 to 10.  For more details, please contact us using this link.


How can I contact you?2020-11-11T13:54:39-08:00

Our phone number is (657) 464-3117 or you can use this link to contact us.

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