Yes!  Just like virtual depositions or trials, Zoom has become an effective way to conduct your practice and learn trial skills.  We’ve perfected the experience so the virtual environment melts away. The win- all the benefits of a trial skills class without sitting in traffic. Plus, you can meet attorneys from all over the country.

Check out these quotes from participants about the zoom environment:

“With Zoom, we may not be able to use full-body movement but we can use our faces, heads and hands. And the courts increasingly require us to appear on a monitor anyway, so it’s good to be home on screen for examining witnesses. You managed the occasional technological hiccups really professionally with minimal disruption.” – Susie I., Berkeley, CA

“I was pleasantly surprised at how well zoom improv worked :)” – Danielle S., San Diego CA

“I think in-person is tough to beat. I do not however enjoy the time to travel and Zoom works better than I would have thought prior to the pandemic. I feel the workshop is very beneficial via Zoom.” – Russ G., Santa Barbara, CA