Yes!  Just like depositions or trials via Zoom have become an effective way to conduct your practice, so has learning trial skills.  We’ve perfected the experience so the virtual environment melts away. The win- all the benefits of a trial skills class without sitting in traffic. Plus, you can meet attorneys from all over the country!

Check out these quotes from participants about the zoom environment:

I like seeing other attorneys from other areas work and learning from their opening and their feedback to my opening–new faces and voices instead of local colleagues.- Fred B., Kansas City, MO

Since the onset of Covid, I have been amazed at how effective Zoom workshops are. In this instance, I learned a great deal by observing and the group critiquing the presentations of the other lawyers’ opening statements.- Mike W., Atlanta, GA

People complain about Zoom, but I think it’s great! It’s the platform where busy lawyers can fit workshops and feedback sessions into their schedules.- Susie I., Berkeley, CA

Yeah, as much as I enjoy the in-person stuff, I can’t travel as much anymore and need to warm up to Zoom as a ‘reasonable accommodation.’ And frankly, the HOI teaching, coaching, and mentoring is very engaging via Zoom.- Kevin K., Northampton, MA