Lawyer’s Improv Workshop

Learn active-listening skills to control the witness and use their words to stregthen YOUR client’s narrative.

Make active listening your key to finding opportunities- not just your turn to talk.

Perfect for new or experienced attorneys!
FUN improv exercises that directly impact your work and sharpen your trial skills: 

  • The 3 rules for constructive cross-examination.
  • Staying confident, even when the unexpected shakes you.
  • Tips to offload fear in high stakes environments.
  • Control techniques to keep the narrative in your hands.
  • Step by step improvised looping to MAKE EVERY WITNESS YOUR WITNESS.

Class limited to 8 participants!

Your class has already improved my active listening. Last trial I was able to focus on two dangerous answers in a trial among many, then close them off with two precisely calculated but effective questions.

Daniel M., Civil Litigation Attorney, California

I really enjoyed it and thought everything was very useful. In particular, I found the ‘yes and’ exercise was helpful as it sharpened your listening as well as ability to respond.

Bibi B., Barrister, United Kingdom

This training was a game changer. It helped get me out of my head overthinking everything and listening to what the witness was actually saying.

Ben M., Criminal Defense Attorney, Texas

The exercises have really helped me be patient, set up the questions, then actually listen so that I can move the questioning forward.

Esperanza A., Employment Lawyer, California