Witness Simulations for Trial Preparation

Performance and storytelling experts.

We’ve been cross-examined over 1,200 times. Acting as witnesses- that’s our specialty!

Witness simulations for depos, trial prep & focus groups.

Virtual or In-person Sessions Available

Find the weakness in an expert, lay witness, or law enforcement representative to strengthen your case before they even set foot in the door.

How it works:

  1. Supply us with the details of your case.
  2. Tell us what type of witness you want to work with cocky/emotional/evasive etc.
  3. We play the part- realistically.

We’ll tell you what you always wanted to know… how you make a witness feel, what they’re thinking and ways to rein them in.

Ready to prepare for your most difficult witness?

Your channeling of the witness was nothing short of spectaular.
Tone, demeanor, body language, etc.

Mike W., Attorney, Georgia

It’s like having a basketball hoop in your front yard. Going from case to case, I am always treading water. Now, I can get ahead of the other guys.

Russel G., Attorney, California

Steve and Olivia are excellent teachers and actors. They portrayed the witness as I would have expected and did see in depositions and trial. It makes me better prepared and consequently able to get the testimony my clients need.

Chuck R., DUI Defense Attorney, Indiana