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Professional actors, Steve Hohman & Olivia Espinosa, use improvisational techniques and games to develop theatrical skills such as voice, facial expression, gestures, movements, and character development. Through active participation students will enhance their creative, listening, critical thinking skills and writing skills.

Character in the Classroom
Students explore the fundamentals of improvisational theater to create characters and form a story on their feet. The tools of improv aid in the development of listening and communication skills, collaboration and confidence while unlocking a student’s imagination and creativity.


Storytelling Live!
Students become human puppets in this custom-tailored residency that invites your classroom to enter another world and explore story structure, character and perspective. You might discover Aesop’s fables by retelling The Tortoise and the Hare, or learn about the Greek Gods by stepping into the shoes of Zeus himself!

Creating Playwrights
Your classroom will advance their writing skills and explore the building blocks of storytelling as they develop a playwriting portfolio. Through improvisational games and acting techniques, students unlock their creative instincts to explore character, plot and scene development.

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For all other inquiries, please contact:
Olivia Espinosa
Director of Education
(650) 517-3454

“With our limited budget, having Steve in the classroom, gives the students more educational value than any other program.”

Teacher, Dana Middle School (San Diego)

“The students in my classroom that are more of a handful and difficult to manage, were able to focus and use their creativity.”

2nd Grade Teacher, Palm Elementary (San Bernadino)

“My son has always been extremely shy, he won’t dance or perform at church no matter how much we try. Today, I saw him not just perform but perform in front of the pack. I was blown away and couldn’t believe how comfortable he was in front of an audience.”

Parent, Kindergartener (San Bernadino)

“A year ago my child went through a traumatic experience. She used to be really outgoing but became withdrawn as a result. I noticed that because of the improv workshops, she has now started to express herself more.”

Parent, 2nd Grader (San Bernadino)

Kids Testimonials: