Improvisational Skills Can Help Improve Your Practice

Podcast featuring Haus of Improv Co-Founders

“Many lawyers have difficulty staying mindfully present during depositions, cross-examinations, and client consultations because of stress, the fear of making a mistake, and worrying about what to say next. Learn the 3 rules for constructive cross-examination and improv techniques like looping from improvisational acting experts Steve Hohman and Olivia Espinosa to help steer the narrative and improve communication in every aspect of your practice.”

Improv Could Make Attys Better Listeners And Storytellers


“Much of the attention paid to U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has focused on her experience as a public defender and the fact that she would be the first Black woman on the high court, but another unique element of her background has gotten a lot less attention: She used to perform improv.”

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Words Matter, Pt. 1


Join acclaimed attorneys, and professional improvisers, Steve Hohman and Olivia Espinosa, as they break down the importance of building a strong narrative through the lens of word selection.

Words Matter, Pt. 2


Join acclaimed attorneys, and Haus of improv’s Steve Hohman and Olivia Espinosa, as they dive deeper into word selection and break conclusions into leading questions to create a fact-based narrative.

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