Stop sounding like a robot on opening statement.

Acting for Trial Lawyers 100:
From Page to Prep

Captivate your fact-finders from day one of trial. This is everything you need to give life to your opening statement presentation.

You don’t need to go to Julliard.
You just need the method.

Get the 5-day actor’s formula for delivering a powerful opening statement.

No cheesy techniques. Just what works.

  • The #1 killer of credibility… and how to AVOID IT
  • The 3 storytelling rules that keep your audience engaged
  • How to stop sounding rehearsed- no more robotic presentations
  • Time-saving tools to familiarize and memorize your script
  • Techniques to make complex concepts understandable to your listener
  • A plan for presenting opening statements- for the rest of your career!

On Demand Course: Take it at Your Own Pace

Simple. Impactful. Invaluable.