Acting for Lawyers 101

Immediately engage and persuade your fact-finders with powerful insider techniques from career actors.

Learn easy tools to bring your script to life.

No gimmicks. Just real takeaways.

We’re combining our entire education and 30+ years of professional acting/directing experience to teach you the essentials of script work for trial advocacy.

Script work is an integral part of the actor’s toolbox that expands opportunities for making an impact on an audience. Without it, the actor’s scope is limited and powerful storytelling moments are lost.

How it works:

  1. Learn tools actors use to breakdown a script and impact your work in the courtroom.
  2. Apply the techniques directly to YOUR opening statement.
  3. Present 10 minutes of your opening statement (oral arguments welcome).
  4. Receive constructive feedback and coaching.
  5. Become a more effective storyteller and persuasive speaker for your client.

Class is limited to only 4 participants!

Simple. Impactful. Invaluable to your client’s case.